Meet Brady – We Think He’s The Best Therapy!

Brady is the best therapy from our orthodontist in Vernon, CT.

If you’ve happened to visit the office of our orthodontist in Vernon, CT lately, you may have noticed a new face…  a furry one! That friendly ball of fur is our new therapy dog, Brady.

Let us tell you a little bit about what a therapy dog does and why we think he is such a valuable addition to our team.

Why a Therapy Dog?

We want to be known as the gentlest, most caring office around so having a therapy dog fit rights in! Also, as a zoology major, Dr. Griffin has always been a huge animal lover.  Being able to have Brady come to the office and share his love with everyone has been truly awesome to see!

A therapy dog provides comfort to our patients who might be feeling nervous, tentative, or apprehensive about their treatment. He can sit with you if you are nervous or just hang out and play to put a smile on your face. Besides that, he brightens the day of anyone that visits our office!

Brady, our therapy dog, will sit with you and help you relax during your treatment.

Therapy Dog In Training

Brady is a mini Australian Labradoodle. He is a 6th generation, so he is super hypoallergenic and does not shed. Your black pants will never have fur on them from our office (you can check Dr. Griffin’s pants, they are usually black).

He and Dr. Griffin have been working with a trainer since he was 11 weeks old and as soon as he is old enough, will get his official therapy certification. He will grow to be 25 pounds when he is full grown.

Brady is already putting kids at ease. We had one little boy getting a palatal expander, and he was super nervous. Brady sat with him and you could see the fear and anxiety melt away! -Dr. Griffin

 Stop By and Meet Brady

(As you can see, he’s a Patriot’s fan!)

Brady is a patriots fan.
Next time you visit our office be on the lookout for Brady. Pretty much everyone loves him to pieces that meets him!

If patients are nervous around dogs, he has a crate that he will happily hang out in during those patient visits if need be.

You can usually find him hanging in the waiting room, playing in the hallway or sitting with a patient at his or her request.  He loves to show his tricks he learns from his wonderful trainer, Karen.

Just one reminder: Please ask before giving him a treat, we want to keep him a lap dog and not get too chubby. 🙂



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