Meet Brady – We Think He’s The Best Therapy!

Brady is the best therapy from our orthodontist in Vernon, CT.

If you’ve happened to visit the office of our orthodontist in Vernon, CT lately, you may have noticed a new face…  a furry one! That friendly ball of fur is our new therapy dog, Brady.

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Flossing: Important or Not? [Infographic]

To floss or not to floss? The importance of flossing has recently been questioned.


There has recently been some controversy over the importance of flossing – is flossing really necessary to maintain healthy teeth? Despite conflicting reports, dentists defend keeping flossing a priority. Don’t toss your floss into the trash just yet – there are several sound reasons… Read More

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Teeth Tips: How to Use an Electric Toothbrush

deborah griffin dmd helps you learn how to use your electric toothbrush

Have you recently started using an electric powered toothbrush? Whether you’re new to the electric toothbrush or you’ve been using one for many years, you’ll want to ensure you’re using it properly to gain the maximum benefits.

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How Would I Look With Braces?



Take a selfie, then use the Brace Yourself app to preview yourself with braces.

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with braces? Are your kids nervous about going to the orthodontist because they can’t envision their new smiles? Sometimes being worried about how we’ll… Read More

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